Tours and travel Kenya tips
tours and travel kenya tips

Kenya travel tips

Kenya is known for her excellent tourist activities. With each passing year she records an increased number of tourists. This has made Kenyan Safaris a must see for a world traveler.  When the annual wildebeest and zebra migration fills up the park with over two million herbivores, many come to witness this phenomenon that has since become the seventh wonder of the world.  It is therefore important to learn a few tours and travel Kenya tips to help you on your next Kenyan safari.

The majority of mid-range,  as well as affluent travelers prefer to get all the hard work done before they arrive in Kenya. They can book through Kenya travel agents or directly with safari companies. This practice ensures that visitors are able to secure a spot at the world’s famous lodges and more so during peak seasons when places start filling up. However, for those on a budget route it is way cheaper to arrange everything on the ground once you land.

Most Kenya safari operator rates include full room and board, entrance fees, transport costs and food and drinks.   The transport costs include park fees and the guide’s fees.  In most cases, drinks are excluded and the price quotes normally assume double occupancy.

Game drives are the backbone of most Kenyan safaris with the main aim being to spend as many hours as possible in the bush looking for wild animals.  A game drive can be done at any given time of the day, although early morning and late afternoon is usually the perfect timing.  Night drives on the other hand are also a great way to see the nocturnal animals although only in a few permitted areas.

Choosing the best

There are notable tours and travel Kenya companies. One you should do diligent query on them by checking their reviews. These reviews will let see if they fit the bill of offering you a perfect adventure to last you a lifetime. Dancom tours and travel is one such company which prides itself in offering adventures worth the while.

A few key accessories can greatly improve the quality of your Kenya tour experience.  Field guides depict the flora and fauna of a specific place alongside identification pointers, photos and distribution maps.  Invest in some high quality digital cameras and a pair of quality binoculars which will make your safari memorable.





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