Exploring the Nairobi excursions
Nairobi Excursions

Nairobi excursions (city tour)

This trip takes you through the city center and Nairobi’s historical buildings like the amazing Kenyatta International Conference Center and Parliament. The Kenya National Archives and the Railway Museum can help you in the event that you want to learn some insights on the Kenyan historical background. This  city tour will also include a cool drive through the only two parks within the city; Central park and Uhuru Park. this is one of the most sort after Nairobi excursions.

Safari walk/Nairobi National Park

Situated nine kilometers from the city center, this animal sanctuary is home to a number of animals including the famous big five.  It is noted for its resident Impala and Masai giraffes and visitors are allowed to walk over the observation hill for amazing sightseeing.  This is perfect for bird watchers where they can learn more about the various bird species like the African ostrich.  There is an adjacent park close by for a good safari walk.

The Bomas of Kenya

You can take a visit to the Bomas of Kenya to learn and experience how the different tribes in Kenya live.  A tour through the makeshift manyattas as well as huts and the African beats from the cultural dances will highlight the real Kenyan spirit.

The Snake PARK and the National Museum

Established in 1930 the National Museum has a collection of items that showcase the origin of mankind and Kenya’s natural heritage both past and present.  It is a perfect place to visit to help you understand the history of Kenya.  The snake park on the other hand displays a wide variety of snakes including rock python, puff adders and cobras only found in Kenya.

The elephant orphanage

This famous elephant orphanage is run by Daphne Sheldrick, and it is home to many young orphaned rhinos and elephants that are released later into the wild.

Karen Blixen Museum

The museum opened to the public in 1986 but for many years the home of Baroness Karen Blixen a native from Denmark.  The house still holds some belongings and furniture owned by Blixen and other pieces donated by film makers of Out Of Africa. all this attractions cannot be visited at one day and proper planning is required if one is to cover all.  As you can see Nairobi excursions are many and it is up to the traveler to decide which city of Nairobi excursion to visit.

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