Masai Mara camps
Masai mara camps

Things to do in Masai Mara camps

The Masai Mara game reserve is considered to be Africa’s greatest wildlife reserve. The main reason for visitors to come here is to see wildlife and the sheer volume and variety of the Mara will definitely not disappoint. Those who come around July through October usually get an opportunity to witness the world’s seventh wonder- the wildebeest migration from the Serengeti. All in all there so many masai mara camps that it is even hard to track the numbers. they range from most budget to luxury camps.

Birding safaris

The Mara is very popular with birders and specialist birding safaris.  There are over five hundred recorded bird species including the famous helmet shrike and corncrake. This is the place to be if you find bird watching fascinating.

In order to have a truly unique experience in this wilderness balloon safaris can do you just right and are carried out daily from the various Masai Mara camps and lodges. You can book this through renowned safari companies. This amazing once in a lifetime activity provides visitors with a unique view of the Mara plains and an opportunity to drift over great herds.

Horseback safaris are also quite common and are offered in areas outside the main reserve. They are quite unique when it comes to viewing game that allows you to move at ease through the various herds of the plains game.  They cover a huge deal of the country and are ideal for riders with experience.

A privately escorted foot safari is the best way to experience the African bush and lets you through the wild to explore nature at its most pure form.  While you track the big game you become more aware of every sound and sight the smell of earth and the touch of the wind. This requires an expert tracker to teach you the signs you need to be ware. You must be taught how to disguise your scent and also move silently through the thick cover so as to get up close and personal with game.




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