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kenya tour

How to plan for Kenya tour vacation

Pure scenic beauty and a profusion of game wild animals make Kenya safaris one of the most popular Kenya tours guide holiday packages countries to visit. For many people, this is a once in a life time safari adventure that many would dare not miss. However for your Kenya tour safari to be successful there is need for proper planning.

You need to start planning on how many days you have for your trip and based on that information, and then you decide if you want to go only on safari or spare some few days to combine your safari with some other activities.  Depending on your arrival time you can plan a number of activities in Nairobi, maybe spend a night there as you plan to proceed to your desired destination.

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Once this is sorted out, plan your tip so that you stay a maximum of three days in one location to avoid being in a state of permanent transfer between various destinations.  This will give you an idea of the number of parks you can visit within your visiting days.  Make sure you think about what you want to see to help you determine the parks to visit. There are many parks and conservation areas you can visit throughout Kenya. These places are many hence you need to read your Kenya tours guide well to get what is appealing to you.

It is worth remembering that Kenya is fairly a large country, the distances are big and the roads not too good. It is therefore advisable to evaluate distances and transfer times between parks when planning your Kenya tour safari. If your budget allows you, use air transport for convenience and comfort.  Most camps and lodges offer an option to include game drives in their packages hence you must compare different tour operators in Kenya.




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