The current requirements for entering Kenya (taken from the Kenyan Airport Authority website) and updated when any changes are made are as follows:

  1. All arriving passengers on international flights whose body temperature is not above 37.5° C (99.5°F); do not have a persistent cough, difficulty in breathing or other flu-like symptoms; have a negative PCR based COVID19 test carried out within 96 hours before travel and are from countries considered low to medium risk COVID19 transmission areas shall be exempt from quarantine. Download the latest list of
    countries exempted from Kenya’s travel quarantine. A review of countries from which travelers will not be required to be quarantined upon arrival will be undertaken by Ministry of Health on a day to day basis.
  2. Please note that it is now a mandatory requirement for all passengers arriving in Kenya to fill in The COVID-19 Travellers Health Surveillance Form. The forms must be filled online by clicking here. Passengers will be required to display the received QR codes to port health officials for them to be allowed to proceed to arrival immigration.
  3. For those passengers traveling out of the country, they will be required to abide by the particular travel, health and COVID-19 related requirements of the destination country;
  4. Passengers arriving on flights after the curfew, with a valid Air Ticket and Boarding Pass shall be allowed to proceed to their hotels and/or residences. Passengers departing on flights after the curfew, with a valid Air Ticket and Boarding Pass shall be allowed to proceed to their departure airport;

Kenyan Visa on Arrival

Kenyan Immigration advises all passengers requiring a Visa to enter Kenya, will need to apply online. Visa application on arrival into Kenya will also be done on-line. Cash payments for Visas on arrival will NOT be allowed. Visa Cards will however be accepted. Visa Link

You will also notice changes when you arrive and depart from Jomo Kenyatta Airport. The Kenya Airports Authority have taken precautions for you and your fellow travelers in to order avert the spread of COVID-19. Watch the short video below on the precautionary steps that have been taken. Please also implement these important measures whilst at the airport:

  • Maintain 1.5-metres of distance from one another
  • Wear your face mask at all times
  • Have a COVID19 free certificate as per the Ministry of Health guidelines
  • Wash your hands and Sanitize regularly
  • Cough and sneeze into the inside of your elbow
  • Use paper tissues and throw them away after you blow your nose
  • Avoid shaking hands
  • Touch as few things as possible with your hands
  • Make contactless payments
  • Follow the directions from airport staff

Be safe and enjoyable trip!