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African travel

African travel-tips for first timers

It is only natural for first time travelers to want to make the best out of their African travel experience.  This can be an overwhelming task given the myriad of expectations and planning involved. To avoid being frustrated, Dancom tours Kenya offer some useful travel tips to help you plan a successful African safari. All you need is to make early arrangements for the experts to take you through what is expected and offer advice.

When planning for your African travel it is important to do your homework well. Carry out comprehensive research of the place you wish to go through guidebooks and websites.  Talk to friends and relatives who have visited your place of interest for their opinion and experience. Learn all you can before taking the trip to minimize the risk of feeling frustrated and shortchanged. Dancom tours Kenya can help you run through your travel itinerary to test whether it is doable.

Plan to get lost- always leave time in your itinerary to just wonder and explore. Give yourself time to get lost and rediscover the African continent on destinations that are not on your map. This is a good time to make friends and meet other like minded persons. This is the feat that makes any African safari memorable! combine beach safari and bush safari, you will be amazed at how they blend so well.

Always challenge yourself- when taking this trip, endeavor to get out of your comfort zone and be as adventurous as possible. Stretch beyond your limits, learn some local words, sample different foods and cultures and do something extraordinarily crazy and unique.  At the end of the trip you will be glad that you took the risk and will always look forward to another interesting trip. At, you get all the information and tips necessary for an African travel.





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