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Africa tours

African tours-Dancom Tours

Africa and Kenya in particular is known to be the mother place of African tours and safaris. The country offers some of the world’s best and established safari lodges, bush camps, wildlife and cultural diversity. Each year every season millions of tourists through the east African region  for a wide ray of attractions including pristine locations, proliferation of wildlife, amazing beaches, retreats and islands, mountains, different cultures and wildebeest migration. It is only in east Africa that you encounter snow mountains on the equator-Mt.Ruwenzori , Mt.Kenya and Mt.Kilimanjaro.

Due to a combination of all these things African tours becomes easy to plan and manage. Dancom tours carefully help visitors to choose the best destinations, accommodation and different safaris depending on budget. The company offers competitive travel packages, affordable rates and ensures value for your money. They guarantee you a memorable travel experience, safety, fun and personal security. When planning this safari, it is important to work with a company that can help you to develop a comprehensive and doable travel itinerary that fits your specific budget and requirements.

The African tour company

The company must guarantee competitive travel packages that cater for not only luxury tours but camping and budget safaris as well.  The package must include hiking trips, scuba diving, cultural, tours, trekking camps, Masai Mara camping as well as mountain climbing.  The essence of African tours is to provide adventure of a lifetime. It is for this reason we recommend Dancom tours to be your travel partner. The company is fully insured for client safety. Visit for more information. For pure authentic out of africa tours which are worth the while you need some organised tour operator in Kenya who is capable of offering good ground packages as well as handling. Take time while researching, look at a companies online reviews to see if they match your expectations





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