africa safari
Africa safari

Africa Safaris-safari planner                                                 

When planning for Africa safari, there are some important factors you must put into account.  Among the things you consider include the places you want to visit activities you plan to engage in, the kind of safari, the best time to travel etc. you need a safari planner to help you meet all these considerations. Below is a list of things you can look at.

Adventure safaris- this will include game watching, bird watching, and sightseeing. There are plenty of options to choose from. Wildlife safaris-  hyou must decide which animals you want to see including the big five-elephant, lion, buffalo,rhino and leopard. You can see all these animals in a single trip for those on a tight budget. Kenyas Masai Mara, Tanzanias Serengenti and Kruger national park in South Africa are the paces to consider for this kind of spectacle.

Your Africa safaris cannot be complete without taking a balloon safari.  This is not for the budget conscious and is a once in a lifetime experience. You can get this is some of Africa’s famous national parks with the best place being Serengeti plains where you also watch the seventh wonder of the world-wildebeest migration.

Walking safaris are also popular for the physically fit travelers.  Dancom Tours has some of the best and knowledgeable tour guides who will help you get a truly amazing trekking experience. You will use all you sense as you traverse the African bush and carry home memories to last you a lifetime.

Beach rides and safaris are phenomenal in Africa. Africa has some of the world’s best beaches and a trip to the beach makes your safari complete. However, you need to work with a tour firm that offers w services. is pleased to be your Africa safaris tour partner.




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